On 20 May 2021, a new multicultural service opened in Perth when the ACFSWA launched its Chinese Library.

The launch was the direct result of long-term interaction between an ACFSWA member and the Shanghai Library.

Members of ACFSWA who join the library will have access to recently printed editions of Chinese cultural material in both Chinese and English. They will also have online access to the entire Shanghai Library.

Our library is located on Bennett Street in East Perth, combining the delight of being very close to the Swan River with easy access to the business centre of this city. Here we provide an exciting new service previously unavailable in Perth.

ACFSWA is involved in many multicultural activities. It promotes cultural exchanges between Australia and China and provides information and exhibitions of Chinese culture as well as Chinese language practice.

Thanks to a book collection donated by a loyal senior Perth member and other assistance from a friend of ACFSWA as well as the gift from Shanghai (to be increased annually), this library now has a collection of Chinese literary classics, as well as a variety of general books for all ages in both Chinese and English. Children’s books are included.

If you join our library you can read on-site or borrow.

Our emphasis is education. Here readers can not only discover and explore Chinese history, ancient literary classics, philosophy & sociology but also Chinese calligraphy, painting, cultural customs, and even traditional Chinese medicine! On our shelves, you will find easy-to-read children’s books, pop-up books, and a full range of classic comics.

The library offers community service and social practice for local vocational education and middle school students. At present, we are carrying out Chinese culture promotional activities with local middle schools. Students use the library as a base.

We regularly organise various multicultural activities including lectures, bi-lingual parent-child storytelling sessions, tea ceremonies, Tai Chi, and other activities that help spread Chinese culture.

One local writer for children participates in the parent-child reading project, reading with the children and enjoying the fun of bilingual communication.

The ACFSWA Chinese Library makes a significant contribution to Australia’s multicultural activities. We welcome anyone who loves reading, is captivated by Chinese culture, and is interested in strengthening the Australia-China friendship.

Come and join our big family!

Western Australia China Friendship Association Chinese Library Address: unit1/3-5 Bennett Street, East Perth, WA

Website: acfswa.org.au

Tel: 62602650

Email: admin.lib@acfswa.org.au